Management Philosophy

As a "General Contractor" based on railway construction, we give top priority to safety and security, and contribute to the development and creation of social infrastructure, and development of local communities. We will also strive for the technological innovation and the development of a wide range of human resources in order to create a company that continues to grow together with society.

Corporate Data

Name Daiichi Kensetsu Corporation
Headquarters 1-4-34 Yachiyo, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata 950-8582, Japan
Listed Stock Exchange Market Standard Market, Tokyo Stock Exchange
(Securities Code No. 1799)
Representative Mikio Uchida
Founded September 23, 1942
Paid in Capital 3.302 billion yen
Sales 47.3 billion yen (for the term ended March 2023)
Number of Employees 1,012 (as of March 31, 2023)
Business Purpose
  1. Contract work for a complete set of civil engineering, architecture, track construction, etc.
  2. Planning, design, surveying, supervision, and consulting of civil engineering, architecture, and track construction
  3. Survey and inspection of civil engineering, architecture, and track structures
  4. Manufacture and sale of materials for civil engineering, architecture, and track construction
  5. Buying and selling, exchange, leasing, brokerage and management of real estate
  6. Non-life insurance agency business
  7. All businesses related to the preceding items
Branches Niigata Branch
Nagano Branch
Akita Branch
Tokyo Branch
Sendai Branch

Business Introduction

Civil engineering business

Railway works

We carry out various civil engineering works related to railways and surrounding areas. We will continue to provide comfortable services through our accumulated technological capabilities and high quality.

Public works related

We will work to improve the social infrastructure so that local residents can lead "safe," "secure" and "comfortable" lives.

Architectural business

We carry out a variety of construction work using our technological capabilities to accurately meet customer needs.

Construction results

Railway business

Construction of new railway tracks

The construction of new railway tracks includes the construction of new Shinkansen lines as part of the construction of a high-speed railway network between cities, and the construction of railroad crossings for conventional lines using continuous grade-separation for the purpose of urban development. For each of these businesses, we will provide high-quality railway tracks that are safe and secure for all railway users, taking advantage of our abundant experience and advanced technologies that we have cultivated so far.

Railway track maintenance

In order to support the safe and stable operation of trains, the condition of the railway tracks must be checked and maintained on a daily basis. We will use our experience and advanced technologies to provide high-quality railway tracks that are safe and secure for all railway users.